The Annual General Meeting will be held this year on a weeknight, Thursday 27th April. We are organising catering for the evening, so please indicate by email if you are planning to attend. Please note that you must be a registered Member of Collingwood Harriers Athletic Club to stand for a position or to vote.

All positions have been declared vacant and will be available for nomination, including: 

  • PRESIDENT:                                                            
  • VICE PRESIDENT:                                               
  • SECRETARY:                                                     
  • TREASURER:                                               
  • ADMINISTRATION MANAGER:                       
  • WINTER TEAM CO-ORDINATOR                       
  • ORDINARY MEMBERS:                                    

We warmly encourage you to participate in this crucial forum, to guide the Harriers forward into an exciting future. A number of the positions will be vacant, including President – this is your chance to lead the team! Please send your nominations by 19th April, via email, with name, nominated position, and contact details, via the Collingwood Harriers email: