The Club has certainly seen the highs and lows of our sport in the last few days.

February 6th saw a number of Magpies participate in the Milers Club program at the University track.

A number of good performances were produced during the evening, however mention should be made of two Club Records established at the meeting.

Wolfgang Cotra Nemesi bettered the under 14 mile record with his 4:47.3, but even this effort was somewhat overshadowed by Dale Carroll when he ran a great 4:14.7 for the mile to break Robert Hendy’s under 20 record established back in 1964.

These performances certainly sent a buzz through the Club.

Unfortunately the Shield Finals held on February 10th at Albert Park did not produce the same euphoria hoped for on the day.

Despite some very good individual efforts, the Collingwood team results were quite disappointing. As it turned out, very few athletes qualified for the finals and these numbers were further reduced by some injuries and a few ‘unavailabilities’.

Thank you to all those who toiled so manfully for the Club – there certainly was no lack of effort by those in uniform.

Simone Maillardet put in a sterling effort, beginning her day at 9:00am with the 3000m run, even at that hour, conducted in very humid conditions. Her next effort was in the 800m around midday, but Simone was not done. At 6:15pm she teamed with Chiara Santiglia, Sunny Spencer and Lucy Leutchford to contest the 4x200m relay. Despite finishing second to the very strong Sandringham team, our girls improved on their under 16/18/20 Club Records set just a month ago. However there was an added bonus this time with their effort also knocking off the Open Record set back in 2004.

There were 16 season best performances (many of them PBs) from the 30 Collingwood performances on the day.

Yes ! Only thirty performances (from a possible 110!) on the day from our five teams.

Division  1  Women    8th out of 8     3 competitors         7 events

40+              Women    9th out of 10   1 competitor           3 events

Under 16     Women    8th out of 11   5 competitors         8 events

Under 14     Women    9th out of 11   3 competitors         4 events

Under 14     Men          9th out of 11   3 competitors         8 events

A disappointing day indeed, however there is no question about the endeavour of those at the track. They gave their all!

Thanks also to Brigid Tram, Eugene Nemesi, Doug Leutchford, Robert Maillardet and Mark Cornell who assisted during the day to fulfil Club requirements to run the competition. Brian Moore, Ian Fisher, Kevin Wigmore and Tony Williams were in their AV uniforms, doing what they do so well. A special thanks to Wiggy who, when finished his AV stint, jumped into a hole in our ranks and worked at the hammer throw for a couple of hours.