At the recent Annual General Meeting of Collingwood Harriers  Athletic Club Inc. the following were elected to the Committee for the 2017-2018 athletic year:

President:                                        Jim Hopkins

Vice President:                               Robert Maillardet

Secretary:                                        Andrew McAdam

Treasurer:                                       Sofie Fabre

Administration Co-ordinator:    Lou Santiglia

Winter Co-ordinator:                   Liam Delany

Summer Co-ordinator:                Doug Leutchford

General Committee:                      Scott Lovell, Steve Griffiths

The Club wishes to acknowledge and thank the outgoing committee for their efforts over the past twelve months.

Heather Gaunt, Peter Gaunt, Bronwyn Hill, David Diviny, Chris Boylen, Troy Kameme and Tony Williams, together with some of the people elected again for the new year achieved much for the betterment of our Club.