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Club Records 40 to 44 Male
Event Athlete Time Date
100 yards  Jeff SARGENT  11.0s  27/02/1999
100m  Grant SARGENT  11.7s  09/11/1996
200m  Graeme SCOTT  24.6s  23/06/1978
400m  Paul SKIPPER  54.7s  30/01/2010
800m  Justin MURPHY  1m 56.70s  03/11/2012
1500m  Lew HARVEY  4m 13.0s  00/03/1992
1 mile  Paul VINEY  5m 29.4s  10/12/2006
3000m  Malcolm CAMPBELL  9m 55.5s  02/11/2013
5000m  Magnus MICHELSSON  16m 04.1s  30/10/2010
10000m  Magnus MICHELSSON  33m 51.6 s  15/02/2009
Half Marathon  Magnus MICHELSSON  1hr 11m 49.1s  02/09/2011
Marathon  Magnus MICHELSSON  2hrs 30m 50s  12/10/2008
2000m Steeple
3000m Steeple (91.4cm)  Malcolm CAMPBELL  11m 12.4s  16/11/2013
3000m Steeple  (76.2cm) Andrew EVANS 10m 49.6s 12/02/2011
110m/100m Hurdles 
200m Hurdles
400m Hurdles  Paul SKIPPER  60.84  20/03/2010
1500m Walk
2000m Walk
3000m Walk  Stuart KOLLMORGEN  13m 10s  2011
5000m Walk  Stuart KOLLMORGEN  22m 05.4s  2011
10000m Walk  Stuart KOLLMORGEN  48m 25.7s  14/03/2013
Long Jump  Grant SARGENT  5m 62cm  15/03/1997
Triple Jump  Grant SARGENT  10m 99cm  02/11/1999
High Jump  Chris BOYLEN  1m 65cm  14/01/2006
Pole Vault  Chris BOYLEN  3m 35cm  17/03/2007
Shot Put  Chris BOYLEN  10m 07cm  14/01/2006
Discus  Hartley TOBIN  24m 68cm  1980
Javelin  Hartley TOBIN  36m 13cm  25/02/1981
Pentathlon  Danny HECKER  2622pts  25/02/2009
Decathlon  Danny HECKER                          Vic Masters Rec  4852pts  2-3/10/2010
4x100m Relay  Danny HECKER, Paul SKIPPER, Peter NEALE, John SCHUIJERS  49.34 s  21/11/2009
4x200m Relay
4x400m Relay  Paul SKIPPER, Andrew EVANS, Danny HECKER, John SCHUIJERS  3min 46.0 Secs  12/12/2009
1600m Medley Relay  Paul SKIPPER, Nick Carah, Shane JOLLEY, Andrew EVANS  4min 12.00 Secs  03/11/2012