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Progression of Records Multies
Mens Under 14 Pentathlon
3083pts Ray Morelli 30/01/1983
3288pts Pier Akec   5/10/2008 Collingwood
Mens Under 16 Heptathlon
3673pts Byron Page 4-5/12/1984 Olympic Park
Mens Under 18 Decathlon
5203pts A. Broderick 10-11/01/1988
Mens Under 20 Decathlon
5739pts Adam Metherall 26-27/01/1980
Mens Open Decathlon
5418pts Max Gee 8-15/03/1947
5931pts Max Gee 13-20/03/1948
6215pts Max Gee             /1949
6234pts Russell Spinks 2-3/12/1989
Mens 40-44 Pentathlon
2622pts Danny Hecker 25/02/2009