Geoff Miles

Geoff was yet another of the Olympic Village Primary School boys who joined the Club and unfortunately was one of the many who did not go on with a career in athletics.

However he did reach the top of the tree in other areas.

A very talented all rounder, Geoff played District seconds cricket with Carlton and played VFL/AFL footy with three different clubs. He began with a few games (31) at Collingwood before transferring to the West Coast Eagles where he played 71 games before finishing off with a short period at Geelong (20) when he shifted back to his home state. While in the West, Geoff took part in representative matches for his adopted State.

Of course we will never know what Geoff could have achieved had he stuck to athletics. However your scribe has no doubt that he would have reached great heights as a decathlete had that been his number one desire. Geoff could sprint, run distance when he had to and also possessed a terrific spring. He could hurdle with either leg and was fearless when trying new challenges.


On one of his first visits to training at Collingwood Harriers (old clubrooms!), Geoff and a few of his Olympic Village mates were given the chance to try pole vaulting with then coach, Bill Tunaley, ‘flicking’ the vaulter over the bar. After only very few tries Geoff asked if he could try it by himself. At twelve years old and after only ten minutes at it, Geoff was clearing close to two metres, astounding all watching.

When in grade six at Olympic Village P.S., Geoff performed one of the most amazing feats ever witnessed by his teacher (this writer!). During a gymnastics session Geoff leapt over TEN boys kneeling side by side on a mat on the floor before finishing with a forward roll.

July 2013