Although Brian’s time as a member of Collingwood Harriers did not match the extraordinary span of his older brother, Ray, there is no doubt that he was just as passionate about the Club.

Brian joined the Club in 1947 at the age of fifteen. He competed for a few seasons before finding that his work requirements did not allow him the time required to make a real go at the running caper.

However he did still maintain an interest in the Club and was, for many years a keen visitor to the special functions of Collingwood Harriers.

Of course his early years were in Clifton Hill before shifting to Reservoir when married. In later years Brian retired to the ‘bush’ and spent many years at Romsey. This did not stop his visits to the Club, although in later years he did depend upon his son Peter to provide the transport.

Unfortunately when Brian’s health deteriorated even these visits came to a stop. The last few years of his life were in a retirement village back in Reservoir.

Brian passed away on July 6th 2014.

Both the Collingwood Harriers Athletic Club and the Fitzroy Football Club both featured prominently at his funeral service.

August 2014