Rajendra PRASAD

The Club received a ‘phone call one Saturday morning late in the 2006 track season enquiring about the possibility of some assistance for a Fijian high jumper preparing for the upcoming Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

Rajendra Prasad was staying with a family friend in Clifton Hill, so Collingwood was the obvious Club to contact. It was suggested that he come to Box Hill that afternoon where it was hoped an invitation jump could be arranged.

All of this happened and after it was further suggested that by joining the Club a few more opportunistic doors may open, the necessary paperwork was done on the spot and Collingwood had a new high jumper within a couple of days.


Not too far down the track, Rajendra competed in the Victorian Championships held at the MCG as trial for the Games and wearing the black and white colours of the Club, took out the bronze medal in his chosen event.

His leap of 2.05m equalled the then Club Record held by Adam Metherall, a height Rajendra went on to match in the Games a few weeks later.

Rajendra returned to Fiji shortly after the Games and went on to do some study in New Zealand.

Grant Sargent kept in touch with him for some time and although there seemed to be a chance of him returning to Australia to compete this never eventuated.


June 2013