In 1978 Ken Conrick was in the middle of a Bachelor of Applied Science course at the then Preston Institute of Technology (Bundoora) when he caught the attention of one of the lecturers, Dick Telford.

Although Ken had not shown any real interest in athletics as a career, his results in some scientific testing being done at the Institute indicated that he was in the very high range of oxygen intake under stress. These studies were in their infancy at the time, but there was certainly a lot of interest in the results emanating from Bundoora.

Dick Telford, in those days yet to reach the heights he has subsequently achieved in the coaching of champion athletes, recommended Ken to a Collingwood Harriers club member also doing the course at the time.

Ken signed on the dotted line and turned up at the University track to run in the 1500 metres. Selected in D Grade because he had no known form, Ken soon made a mockery of that selection when he streeted the field, winning in a time around the 4:15 mark.

But as stated earlier, Ken had no real interest in athletics and obviously satisfied (!) with his performance chose not to compete again.

A couple of years later the Club received a request from Ken for a clearance to another club. The clearance was granted, however it is unknown whether he ever did complete the transfer.




February 2014