Bill Hughes was accepted as a member at the Club’s first annual meeting on the 31st January 1927.

Possessed of a tall and rangy build, Bill was well suited to sprinting, his favourite events being the 100 and 220 yards. As a good club man, Bill also competed in the 440 yards, the 120 and 440 yards hurdles as well as a number of the field events.

In the early 1930s Bill held the Club Record for the 100 yards (10.5), 120 yds hurdles (16.6), 440 yds hurdles (61.8), discus (30.15m), shot put (9.90m), triple jump (11.93m) and long jump (6.29m).

Bill was the Club’s top sprinter in the 1930s and won the Blue Ribbon in the 100 yards on a number of occasions.

In October 1931 Bill competed in the first indoor athletic meeting held in Australia. The meet was conducted at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne and Bill was successful, winning the 60 yard sprint in a time of 7.0 secs. He also competed in the 60 yards hurdles where he recorded a time of 8.6 secs. (He may have won the hurdles as well – but unconfirmed!)

Off the track Bill served the Club well. From 1928 until the mid forties he was, at various times, on the general, social and selection committees. For a number of years prior to and during WW2 Bill was the Club’s sprint handicapper. During this period Bill made (and lost!) many sprint friends.

As a result of his service to the Club Bill was made a life member of Collingwood Harriers in 1947.

For many years after his active participation, Bill, along with his wife Molly, continued to attend the various social functions organised by the Club. He was often the life of the party!

When Bill retired from his work as an engineer, he and Molly moved to Mulwala on the Murray River. After a few years, Bill considered himself to be a naturalised New South Welshman and looked upon Victorians, who were from ‘south of the border’ as Mexicans! Bill spent a lot of time on the golf course while Molly dabbled with the pokies.

Sometime later Bill and Molly moved further north and after periods on the Gold Coast and Northern N.S.W. they finally settled at Tweed Heads.

Bill sadly passed away on January 13th 1999.

July 2014