Vesmonis (Wes) BALODIS

Wes came to Collingwood in 1955-56 season after a number of placings in the field events in the South Australian Championships. He also gained bronze medals in the shot put at the National Titles in 1954, 1955 and 1956.

It was around the time of his shift to Victoria that he began looking to add the discus throw to his repertoire. Wes had some very pleasing early rewards, with a silver medal at the 1956 Australian Championships and a win in the Olympic trial in the same year.

There was a setback when it was noticed that Wes was still a citizen of Latvia! Apparently the Australian Government ‘rushed’ through his citizenship thus enabling him to take his place in the Australian team at the MCG.


Wes in action at the MCG – 1956 Olympics


Wes dominated discus throwing in Australia, winning the National Title in 57, 58 and 1959.

He retired from elite competition at the age of 27 after his second placing in the discus at the 1960 Australian Championships.

In the meantime Wes had been a very welcome addition to the Collingwood ranks, being a member of both of the Club’s A Grade Track Premierships in the mid to late 50s.

At one stage in his after Collingwood activities, Wes became Mine Host at the Builder’s Arms Hotel in Gertrude St. Fitzroy.

Wes also visited the (old) clubrooms one Monday night in the early seventies to demonstrate a new fangled piece of gymnasium equipment to the incumbent Committee. Now being a representative of the firm producing the gear, Wes was eager to make a sale.

Wes shifted away from the area and in later years joined the Williamstown Athletic Club, having some success in the Masters comps for a number of seasons.

Wes passed away in October 2020 at the age of 87.

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Olympic Games                                 

Melbourne       20th                              Discus                         44.24m


Australian Championships

Open               1st                                Discus                         45.24m

Open               3rd                                Shot Put                      14.76m

Victorian Championships

Open               2nd                               Shot Put                      14.30m

Open               1st                                Discus                         45.91m


Australian Championships

Open               1st                                Discus                         46.18m

Open               2nd                               Shot Put                      15.21m

Victorian Championships

Open               1st                                Discus                         43.22m

Open               4th                                Javelin                         52.51m


Australian Championships

Open               1st                                Discus                         48.16m

Open               3rd                                Shot Put                      14.86m

Open               7th                                Javelin                         44.64m

Victorian Championships

Open               1st                                Shot Put                      14.78m

Open               1st                                Discus                         45.81m

Open               7th                                Javelin                         53.60m

Victorian Decathlon Championship    10th                  4312 points

100m                           11.8                 110m Hurdles             22.2

Long Jump                  5.50m              Discus                         45.40m

Shot Put                      15.02m            Pole Vault                   2.59m

High Jump                   1.37m              Javelin                         53:38m

400m                           57.6                 1500m                         5:37.7


Australian Championships

Open               2nd                               Discus                         48.68m

Open               3rd                                Shot Put                      14.94m

Victorian Championships

Open               2nd                               Discus                         46.68m

Open               3rd                                Shot Put                      13.92m

Open               11th                              Javelin                         49.73m