The majority of the following was sourced from the 1935-36 Collingwood Harriers Annual Report with the V.A.A.A Annual Report of the same years was also of value.

Members commenced training from new quarters at 27 Grant St., Clifton Hill. New country was prospected in the Fairfield district and several good courses were mapped out. Well attended pack runs were held on April 13 and 20 at Fairfield and Preston respectively.

Saturday May 4th. V.A.A.A.


Collingwood had second biggest number of athletes.

St. Stephen’s 108
Collingwood 47
Footscray 34

All athletes ran approximately 6 miles in graded groups,
then completed a 1000 yard ‘run in.’

2 Tom Howat

3 Mort Rickard

5 H. Haslam

Saturday June 1st.

CLUB 3 Mile C.C.C. Reservoir

26 starters

1 Tom Howat 17:15

2 Harold Lang

3 S. Thompson

Sealed Handicap

1 Holt (4:15)

 Saturday June 8th. V.A.A.A.

4 Miles Open Handicap Maribyrnong

Eleven members started in this event. Tom Howat ran well off the 1:35 mark and gained ninth place.

Saturday June 15th

CLUB 4 Miles Handicap Road Race

Held along Queen’s Parade, Smith Street, Victoria Parade, finishing near Clifton Hill station.

27 starters

1 V. McAlley   off 5:30

2 L. Connell

3 W.S. Thompson

Fastest Time: Tom Howat (scratch) 22:07

Saturday June 22nd V.A.A.A.

Victorian 5 Miles Walking Championship Ascot Racecourse

Clem Marshall (5:30) won the sealed handicap held in conjunction.

Club 5 Miles Junior C.C.C. Preston

1 Frank Catterall

2 N. Brown

3 W. Kidd

Sealed Handicap N. Brown (1:15)

Saturday July 6  V.A.A.A.

5 Miles Junior Teams Race  Moonee Valley

Our Junior team ran very poorly, not one member finishing inside the first 30 home. Frank Catterall finished 32nd in a time of 30:22.

Saturday July 13th

Club 2 Miles Handicap Fairfield

24 starters

1 A. Shute  (1:15)

2 W.Bennett

3 Albert Slade

Fastest Time: Tom Howat 10:15

Saturday June 20th V.A.A.A.


Held over 26 Mile course at Ormond (Replaced Chelsea to Brighton relay because of traffic concerns!)

B Grade Finished 1st   1hr 49min 49secs

Team Members: Tom Howat, H. Haslam, Harold Lang, A Rogers, Frank Catterall, Mort Rickard

Rogers put up the best time for the 3 Miles 17:38

Also had a team in the C1 section – placing unknown

Saturday July 27th


Held at National Park, Fairfield over the new course starting and finishing near the Clubrooms at Grant St. Clifton Hill.

Tom Howat led from start to finish and won easily from Harold Lang and P. Fletcher in a field of 23 starters. Mr. H Cremean M.L.A., presented the cup to the winner after the race.

1 Tom Howat  20:01

2 Harold Lang

3 P. Fletcher

Sealed Handicap W. Kidd (4:00)

Saturday August 3rd  V.A.A.A.

Frank Ferguson Memorial Handicap – Maribyrnong

Several members started in this event, but were unsuccessful. Tom Howat finished ninth.

Victorian Amateur Walkers Club  7 Mile Handicap – Ascot

Collingwood’s Norm Goble won easily off the 13:00 minute mark – 66:55

Saturday August 10th

Club 10,000 metres C.C.C. – Fairfield

1 Tom Howat  37:15

2 Mort Rickard

3 S. Thompson

Sealed handicap  Albert Slade  (10:30)

Saturday August 24th V.A.A.A.


21 Mort Rickard 60:00

22   Tom Howat 60:00

24 P. Fletcher 60:23

A Grade Finished 4th. in Teams Event

Saturday September 7th  V.A.A.A


15  Mort Rickard  29:36

29  Tom Howat  30:31

32  H. Haslam  30:39

45  Harold Lang  31:10

21 starters

B Grade  4th

C Grade  8th

Saturday September  14th

3 Miles C.C. CHALLENGE with GEELONG GUILD – Fairfield

Collingwood avenged their defeat of last year by winning the teams race after a very interesting contest. Tom Howat (Collingwood) defeated W.Woods (Geelong Guild) by 25 yards for first place. H. Haslam defeated A.J. Hillhouse for third place. The winner’s time was 16:20. The visitors were entertained at the London Tavern in the City, where we gave a dinner  in their honour, and afterwards they were the guests of honour at our Club Dance in the Town Hall.    A very enjoyable time was had by all.

Saturday September 21st.


Haslam left the Collingwood Town Hall at 7:15a.m. carrying despatches from the Mayor of Collingwood to the Mayors of Castlemaine and Maryborough and the Shire President of Kyneton. Civic receptions were accorded the team at Kyneton, Castlemaine and Maryborough. Hundreds of townspeople lined the route at Maryborough and the 51 tired, but happy runners, who formed a pack for the last mile, were given a wonderful reception by the crowd and later were the guests of honour at a wonderful repast which the Mayor had prepared for them. I do not think we have been so cordially received before.

A dance at the Fire Brigade Hall on Saturday evening and sightseeing on the Sunday were enjoyed by the members. On Sunday morning the Maryborough Football Club invited the boys down to their ground, where we made use of the showers, etc., and held several events  on the oval. An 880 yards Handicap resulted in a win for P. Fletcher from W. Bennett and Mort Rickard. A Challenge Relay – Marshalls v. Rickards over one mile was won by the Rickard’s team by two yards. George Knott, whose style was rather doubtful, won the Handicap Walk after several humorous incidents. A Veteran’s Challenge One Mile race was won by Norm Francisco by two yards from Louis De Bois and Alec Barfoot.  After lunch the return trip was made via Daylesford, where the mineral springs were samples by the members. We arrived back about 7 p.m. at Collingwood after a very happy and successful trip.

The total time from Collingwood to Maryborough (107 1/2 miles) was 9:33:19, 9 min 50 secs ahead of schedule. With exceptions of a few 880 yard sections, all sections were one mile each. The best mile times recorded were by A. Shute (4:31), P. Fletcher (4:35) and Ken Omant (4:42)

Saturday September 28  V.A.W.C.

50 Kilometre Walk – Showgrounds

2  Bill Tunaley  5 hr 31m  54s

Sealed Handicap

1  Norm Goble off  60:00

3  Bill Tunaley 25:00