Club Records of the Collingwood Harriers Athletic Club

To be eligible to claim a record the athlete must be a member of the Collingwood Harriers Athletics Club, representing the club and compete in the Collingwood Harriers uniform. The only exception to this will be where athletes have earned a place in the Victorian team and are representing Victoria. The meet should either be a part of the Collingwood Harriers program or an event sanctioned by Athletics Victoria/Athletics Australia, for example the Victorian Track & Field Championships.
Any track performance must have 3 separate hand held stopwatch times or a fully automated timing device used in order for a record to be claimed.

Any field event record performance must have a minimum of 2 appropriately qualified and registered officials at the event and an appropriately registered and qualified field referee in attendance at the meet to be claimed.

Age Group records are based on your age on the day not the Competition Age Group. Junior records will be cascaded to older age groups if applicable.
Times/distances achieved, where an athlete is not representing Collingwood Harriers Athletic Club are ineligible to be claimed as records. For example, All Schools where an athlete is representing their school and not the club.
See the Collingwood Harriers Club Records Hall of Fame.

We have published these in an effort to help us keep a more up to date record of changes to these performances. Sometimes records are missed because we simply don’t realise that a record has been surpassed or we are unaware of the exact age of a competitor on the actual day of competition.

If you feel you have broken a record or your record is incorrect or missing, please let us know, or to apply for a record, please read the Application for a Club Record and send an email detailing your record to Steve Griffiths at

Male Female
Open Open
U14 U14
U16 U16
U18 U18
U20 U20
30 to 34 30 to 34
35 to 39 35 to 39
40 to 44 40 to 44
45 to 49 45 to 49
50 to 54 50 to 54
55 to 59 55 to 59
60 to 64 60 to 64
65 to 69 65 to 69
70 to 74 70 to 74
75 to 79 75 to 79
80 to 84 80 to 84
85 to 89 85 to 89
90 to 94 (vacant) 90 to 94 (vacant)
95 to 99 (vacant) 95 to 99 (vacant)
100 + (vacant) 100 + (vacant)