Saturday April 18th                    CROSS-COUNTRY RELAYS                     Jells Park

Collingwood entered twenty one teams in this, the first AV event of the season. Always a hectic day, the Club had 23 new people to break in to the caper of organising teams, issuing uniforms, attaching numbers, getting the first runner to the start line, trying to collect results and completing the official sheets for submission to the scorers. There were also two others having their first winter run for us after joining last winter. In addition to this, Collingwood had to supply four helpers to assist with the operation of the day.

Fortunately the weather bureau got it right when they said the early rain would clear into a nice afternoon. They could have almost used the word ‘perfect’ such were the conditions.

It was great to have Susan Michelsson back in the black and white colours after a couple of seasons off. Her presence will certainly help our women’s team and this was immediately evident with our best resultever in a Divvy 1 relay when the girls grabbed fourth spot. This team had three girls not with the Club last year. Apart from Susan, Kara Landells and Aisling Moran joined last year’s finds(!) Virginia Moloney and Erchana Murray Bartlett, to “raise quite a few eyebrows” in the crowd. AV had produced a prediction of the women’s competition earlier in the week on their website and Collingwood didn’t even get a mention!

Other girls to make their debut for Collingwood were Aisling’s twin sister, Aine, Helen Walpole, another set of sisters, Francesca and Carly Black and juniors, Amber Louw and Isabella (Issy) Ermacora.

In the men’s teams we welcome Michael Preece who has joined us from Bendigo and will obviously be a big part of our efforts this year. Danny Redden, who has often run as a guest in Club events, has finally joined the battle and we welcome him along with Trent McCormick, Mark Knowles, Ray Joy, Scott Bent, David Diviny, Jason Kennedy, Paul Rothin and Nick Kenyon. Doug Leutchford and Mark Cornell have both joined their daughters by pulling on the colours ( if you’re going to be there you may as well run!!!!)

The only junior male to have his first run for the Club, as opposed to with the Club was Spiros Orfanis.

Welcome to you all. We hope your time with Collingwood is everything you want it to be.

Matthew Newton, running in our under 20 team, recorded the fourth fastest of all Collingwood runners on the day – may not be in the ‘unders’ much longer!!

Adam Garganis took a break from his heavy walking schedule to put in beauty in our divvy two team. He certainly has got himself pretty fit!

Collingwood picked up two minor places on the day, when the under 14 girls grabbed a silver medal and the under 18 boys ran very well to gain the bronze in their division. These two results, along with the previously mentioned top women’s performance were the highlights of the day. We weren’t in the hunt in the men’s top division but will improve as the distances go up. Ballarat flew in three runners from interstate and blitzed the field with their runners producing the four fastest individual times of the day. It would seem that we certainly will have a battle on our hands to keep our spot in Divvy 1. There’s a challenge for everyone!




Under 14                    3 x 3k                          Under 18


Lucy Leutchford                     11:59               Emma Newton                        12:53

Zoe Cornell                             13:01               Issy Ermacora                         16:55

Mia Rouw                               11:59               Meaghan Gaunt                      12:19


Finished 2nd out of 5             36:59               Finished 16th out of 10           42:07

Winner: Yarra Ranges           36:43               Winner: Essendon                 31:53



 Under 14                    3 x 3k                         Under 16

Hayden Morris                        11:37               Jack Sayer                               11:44

Lachlan Sayer                         13:30              Anthony Crews                       11:11

Amber Louw                           13:29               Claire Noonan                         15:26

Finished 7th out of   13           38:36               Finished 13 out of 18             38:21

Winner: Box Hill                   33:28             Winner: Wester Aths             32:14

Under 18 Team 1                  3 x 3k              Under 18 Team 2

Ben White                               9:46               Dale Carroll                             n/a

Lachie White                           10:01               Spiro Orfanis                           n/a

Tom Hall                                 9:51               Dale Carroll                             n/a

Finished 3rd. out of 17            29:43               Finished 14 out of 17 38:28

Winner: Geelong     28:53




Division 1   5 x 6k

Virginia Moloney                    10:50   21:52

Susan Michelsson                    11:33   23:30

Aisling Moran                                     24:25

Kara Landells                                      24:20

Erchana Murray Bartlett                     23:10

Finished in 4th             out of  10        1h 57m 22s

Winner: Glenhuntly                1h 50m 22s

Division 3   4 x 6k

Michelle Laufer                                   27:35

Aine Moran                                         30:15

Ali Burns                                             30:15

Heather Gaunt                                    27:16

Finished 7th out of 13              1h 49m 54s

Winner: Frankston                 1h 34m 40s


Division 4                               3 x 3k                                      Division 5

Francesca Black         13:56               28:54   Pennie Hayes                        16:58               34:26

Carly Black                 14:48               30:15   Sofie Fabre                16:32               34:15

Hannah Garganis        18:03               37:04   Helen Walpole          16:15               32:27

Finished   13th out of 16          1h 36m 13s     Finished 14th. out of 24          1h 41m 10s

Winner: Ringwood                 1h 15m 50s   Winner: Melb University             1h 41m10s


40+ 3 x 3k

Kim White                              31:07

Melinda Story                         44:08

Clare Garganis                        35:52

Finished 12th out 12      1h 51m 08s

Winner: Waverley       1h 14m 44s



Under 20        3 x 3k

Matthew Newton                    10:01               20:43

Jordan Minter                          11:07               23:16

Jesse Frost                                                       21:59

Finished 6th out of 10              65:48

Winner: Ballarat                      60:44


Division 1                               6 x 6k                          Division 2

Michael Whitehead                 20:22               Malcolm Campbell      11:00               22:33

Simon Bevege                         20:39               Ray Joy                       11:55               21:58

Michael Preece                        20:45               Danny Reddan                        11:15               22:54

Cadeyrn Douglas                    22:19               Adam Garganis                                   22:31

Jai Edmonds                           20:03               Nick Kenyon                                       23:54

Magnus Michelsson                21:13               Liam Delany                                       21:28

Finished 10 out of 10   2h 05m 21s               Finished 11 out of 14                2h 15m 20s

Winner: Ballarat          1h 49m 55s                Winner: Essendon                     1h 59m 05s


Division 3                              5 x 6k                          Division 4

Leo Arantes                11:30   23:14             Paul Wallace              11:45               24:54

Trent McCormick        11:09   23:03             Stuart Kollmorgen     12:02               24:17

Mark Knowles                        10:38   21:38             Tim Menting              11:41               24:10

Julian Harris                11:20   23:07             Paul Rothin                11:33               23:33

Jacob Barnes               11:31   23:17            Nick Boustead                        12:49               26:30


Finished 10th out of 14 1h 54m 19s            Finished   10th   out of   16         2h 23m 24s

Winner: Old Xavs         1h 44m 56s                           Finished: Traralgon                  1h 50m 20s

Division 5                              4 x 6k                          Division 6

Brad Bullock               11:10   23:08               Daryl Standfield         13:27               27:45

Drew Roberts              11:44   24:13               David Diviny              12:23               25:32

Shane Marshall            12:00   22:55               Scott Bent                   12:23               24:38

Eric Louw                               24:36               Troy Kameme            13:58               29:44

Finished 4th out of 15   1h 34m 56s                           Finished 13 out 16                    1h 47m 39s

Winner:   Old Xavs      1h 30m 18s               Winner: SSH                             1h 25m 18s

Division 7   4 x 6k


Doug Leutchford                    13:51               28:55

Jim Sayer                                 13:36               28:48

Jason Kennedy                        14:46               31:14

Mark Cornell                           14:15               30:05


Finished 24th out of 39              1h 59m02s

Winner: Mornington                  1h 33m 18s


40+                              3 x 3k                          50+


Chris Waldron             12:37   24:28               Paul Viney                  12:06               24:48

Scott Lovell                14:11   29:47               Adrian Murphy                                   25:50

Peter Gaunt                 12:26   24:43               Shane Derby               12:57               27:02


Finished 9th out of 13            78:58               Finished 12 out of 15                          77:40

Winner: APS                           65:00               Winner: Vic Masters                         68:40


Officials: Tony Williams and Gary McBroom were working for AV and Kevin Wigmore, Robert Barnes and Jessica Newton filled the helpers spots required from our Club today. There were many parents who helped out with recording of results – thanks one and all.


Theresa Barnes again did the honours with the food – thanks too, to any other contributors! Thanks to Gary McBroom and Tony Williams with the set up and to all who jumped in to help with the packing up at the end of the day.