Steven HOWES

The following list includes the ‘known’ results, including State, Interstate, National and International  events, of the nominated person.

The list does not include:

* the many summer events (Track/Interclub/Shield) that the person may have done

* the Club winter races

* relays

Some of these results can be found elsewhere on this website  (see ‘results’)

The Club would be pleased to be notified of any extra information from members or athlete’s families with regard to corrections or additions to the lists.

Any further information to add to the history of the Collingwood Harriers would be very welcome.

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Victorian Championships

Under 15                     15th                              5000m Road                           19:51.0

Under 17                     29th                              8000m CCC                            32:49.0

Under 17                     21st                              5000m Road                           18:35.0



Victorian Championships

Under 17                     34th                              8000m CCC                            35-:34.0