Clive became aware of Collingwood Harriers as a teacher at the Mernda campus of Ivanhoe Grammar School when a number of the students were recruited to Club.

He was a regular runner, more to keep fit than anything else, but decided to have a go after a football career that saw him play a few games with St. Kilda in the then reserves competition of the VFL.

Clive enjoyed his running, although after a run at Bundoora Park in the rain, hail, wind and mud in 1999, Clive was wondering just how smart he was after slipping, falling and breaking a bone in his wrist half way around the second lap. He was heard to say he thought his days of running around in the mud on a Saturday afternoon had finished when he gave up football!

Apparently Clive was also a promising tennis player as a young man, although he received a bit of a setback in his career when he played a young Pat Cash (1987 Wimbledon Champion) in a junior tournament.

Clive got off to a flying start when Cash served a double fault to open the match. In Clive’s own words, “That was the last point I won!”

Clive competed for only a few seasons from the late nineties into early in the new century.

July 2013